How it Works

Having a Painting Together party is so EASY!    You just invite a bunch of friends over to your house or location and I will bring the party to you!!   If you prefer, we have a studio we can use in West Knoxville.


Its that SIMPLE!!



WHAT YOU PROVIDE:   If in your location, you provide A  space that either has tables or can be open enough for me to set up my tables and chairs.  Access to water for cleaning up.   I bring the party to you!! 

If you do not have the space or time to have at home,  No Worries,  we have a studio we can use in West Knoxville!

I WILL BRING:   Canvas,  paints,  Brushes,  Brush cleaning tubs,  paper towels, rags,   and easels.   I can bring tables if needed and of course  I will bring a finished painting for you to look at as we paint together.  

Tips:  If you want to have 7 friends so you can paint free,  invite  14.   That allows for  a couple that  may  have things come up at the last moment.   I can host up to 20 people  so  if more than 7 come,  that is fine as well!