Frequently Asked Questions


Below are some faq’s  that may answer some of your questions.  If not,  please feel free to call or email me.  [email protected]


Q.   I’m not an artist,  I can’t even draw a straight line!!

A.   No worries!  I believe that everyone is born with a little artist inside as part of that wonderful creative power of the God who gave us life.   Sometimes that creativity comes out in pictures, like art.  Sometimes it comes out in photography,  sometimes in organizational skills,  or management,   fixing things,  designing buildings,  creative customer service, the list goes on!  We are all creative but it expresses itself in so many ways.  With the help of an instructor,  we just redirect that creativity into art for a little while!  You can follow along and you will be surprised what you can do!   Sometimes the class inspires students to pursue the visual arts and that is always wonderful!   When we are done and everyone holds their pictures up, None of them are exactly the same and that is a true testament to the fact that we all have a little artist inside that likes to add its own flair! 


Q.  Do I have to bring anything?

A.  Just yourself and something non-alcaholic to drink.  Feel free to bring snacks as well for munching while you work.  We provide everything you will need for the class including an apron to keep your clothes clean.  I do recommend wearing something that can bear up to a splash of paint just in case!! 


Q.  Can I have the party in my home?

A.  Yes,  absolutely!   I do recommend a room that has the space to comfortably put up a couple of  6 foot tables and have enough room for chairs around them and the teacher to stand at the front. 


Q.  What if I do not have enough room in my home?

A.   We have an artist friend with a studio we can use in West Knoxville.  Get in touch with me for available times.  A friend also used her church fellowship hall which had plenty of room for her 20 friends!